Shoulder Tickle


Looking up as I walk:

Light-bright, a lovely site illuminating twig-fingers

Waving goodbye to the day.

Above the mud-slush and trickle-trickle

Something tickled my shoulder.

So I scanned around,

Until I found

The moon up there.

A fat-half hanging in the blue…now showing

 The lopped-half orb, shine-power growing

 in the purple-dark,


on my bed against my sleeping-eyes

It might wake me up.Read the rest

A Piece of Sunshine



Coffee filter, trips to the frig,

Swipe and wipe,

 here and there


The cloth-like paper towel grabs up the bloated rice grains

 from the drain

A new clean sponge tackles the remains from dinner

As the oatmeal simmers


Some crud on the floor, are bits and flakes

Hand flowing, slightly adjusting the arc a tad wider

In order to slide them into my grasp


Fingers and brain

 lightly tracking the micro weights and friction

 as mind stays busy


An unimpeded motion sends a signal to stop

To look,

 to assess

Oh.Read the rest

Defiant Cow


Roll’n down the mountain with a warm bowl in my lap

Generally I look left, at the field of cows and their lack

of progress.

Munch, crunch, mooo, mooo.

What are they up to?

They give birth there, walk, sleep,

little ones frolic

In their pasture, so bucolic

before being trucked off, their meat for sale

So really its just cow-jail.Read the rest