“Soul Sickness Killed Off My Entire Family”…But What Is It ?

What is soul sickness? Let’s start by defining soul-health and work backwards. According to soul-guru —  and Oprah’s good friend — Gary Zukov, the soul is a nurturer, soother, and provider of life energy. And when one connects with this source, well-being and a direction in life will flow like a leaf falling into a stream.… Read the rest

She Is Not A Gift – Girl Scouts Dry-Up Holiday Brainwashing

She’s lovely, innocent, and deserves to enjoy a developmentally appropriate holiday free of un-wanted touch, and yet that human right is often undermined by “socially accepted” norms. In an article about brainwashing,

In psychology, the study of brainwashing, often referred to as thought reform, falls into the sphere of “social influence.”

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Feeling More Black

When I was transitioning from teacher to administrator, I took a year long position in a wealthy suburban district at a pay-cut because they were going to give me leadership opportunities, and mentoring. But it turned out it also meant working with an all White staff — the kind of friendly oblivious racists I’ve encountered plenty over the years — who gave my unusual look the benefit of the doubt.… Read the rest