Looking up as I walk:

Light-bright, a lovely site illuminating twig-fingers

Waving goodbye to the day.

Above the mud-slush and trickle-trickle

Something tickled my shoulder.

So I scanned around,

Until I found

The moon up there.

A fat-half hanging in the blue…now showing

 The lopped-half orb, shine-power growing

 in the purple-dark,


on my bed against my sleeping-eyes

It might wake me up.

Or not let me go back to sleep

Having made my way back on the dark trail from the pee-cave.

It’s my friend, so I won’t be too mad about the buttery band

 slashing through my naked window.

It can’t do much now against the sun

powerfully plumping up purple buds

 but it waits, patiently

for its time