Defiant Cow


Roll’n down the mountain with a warm bowl in my lap

Generally I look left, at the field of cows and their lack

of progress.

Munch, crunch, mooo, mooo.

What are they up to?

They give birth there, walk, sleep,

little ones frolic

In their pasture, so bucolic

before being trucked off, their meat for sale

So really its just cow-jail.

Stay on one side of that electric wire

That confining power.

But what’s this?

Spoon pauses before my lips,

eyes track back for a sec

Why Hello there…

you are casually crunching and chewing right next to the road.

how’d you do that?

Then the next day, avocado toast with seeds,

and the wire is down

and several of you are on the road, looking cool.

This morning the wires back up and yet

there you are across the street

head up

thumbs up.
…whas up?

You go cow!


About the author: Laurie

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