She Is Not A Gift – Girl Scouts Dry-Up Holiday Brainwashing

She’s lovely, innocent, and deserves to enjoy a developmentally appropriate holiday free of un-wanted touch, and yet that human right is often undermined by “socially accepted” norms. In an article about brainwashing,

In psychology, the study of brainwashing, often referred to as thought reform, falls into the sphere of “social influence.”

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The First Day of School – The March Begins

It’s here…FINALLY! The fashion show of new outfits, the chatter on the playground, the hugging of friends reunited — all of these eternal rituals unfold as the clock ticks down to the first bell of the 2017-2018 school year. Students’ anxiety, which hit when the first back to school commercial began airing, subsides as the inevitable envelops them.… Read the rest