Reality Check

Lovely bulletin boards, PTA fundraisers, and singing kids at assemblies aside: let us not be fooled…shit-showness is always present to one degree or another. I support public education. Yes. I. DO. But the problems that schools have are the same problems that the country has. So unless America is going away, public schools can’t go […]

Segregation By “Choice?”

(This is my yearbook photo from 9th grade) Berkeley Unified was one of the first districts in the country to integrate “by choice”. That sounds terrific — they didn’t need a court to order them to do, but as I’ve mentioned in my post: Reality Check Even though the buses brought the Black children to […]

Moth Story Slam: “Pussy Bushes”

In one of my first posts of the school year, I discussed how we as educators each find our tipping point for intolerable acts regarding children. At the end of the article I described the tensions of being mixed-race during the start of school integration, and a heinous situation that developed for me. Not only […]

Refuse the Shame, Break the Silence

If you’re a woman you’ve probably had your Harvey Weinstein moment, and you probably didn’t report your abuser. I get it. After my attempt to garner help from a perp-supporting yard teacher failed miserably, I gave up believing by seven years old, that I had any right to safety. In fact I came to believe […]

Girls Evolved To Survive Abuse (But They Shouldn’t Have Too)

(In my second blog  I told the true story about a gang of boys dragging me to the “pussy-bushes” in 3rd grade) Then came 5th grade when a lone troubled boy stalked me in the hallways at recess, using the packed passageways as cover as he repeatedly pressed his groin against me. After months of […]

Learning, Learning, and More Learning – But Learning What?

Studies on brain development in children, verify that younger brains gather, categorize, and build on information (what we refer to as learning) at exponential rates compared to adults. In addition to learning how to talk, walk, eat with utensils, ties shoes, use the potty, etc. children are learning who to trust, or not trust. They […]