Defiant Cow


Roll’n down the mountain with a warm bowl in my lap

Generally I look left, at the field of cows and their lack

of progress.

Munch, crunch, mooo, mooo.

What are they up to?

They give birth there, walk, sleep,

little ones frolic

In their pasture, so bucolic

before being trucked off, their meat for sale

So really its just cow-jail.Read the rest

My Eyes Are Sad


Walking, walking, the wind is blowing against my glasses

around the sides, across my eyeballs and eyelashes

Thin tears well up and slide down across my cheek,

I wasn’t aware I was sad today, nevertheless, I leak.

Walk along, walk some more, looking up and all around,

no moaning, hiccups or whines… nature’s the only sound


Wipe the wetness, wipe some more,

this happens quite a lot,

something inside me seeps out whether or not

I am aware

consciously of what’s there

It’s Ok

I’ve come to understand that my eyes do what they need to do

off-gassing some grief while I walk and walk through

the leaves, the sticks, and dew.Read the rest

It’s Not Right


Hitch-hiker looks resigned,

and yet his eyes raise as I lead my line

of cars

My destination is up on the left

I don’t want to contribute to his false-hope of a lift

I want to help him feel less pain

Walking down the car-passing lane…

By turning on my blinker

The on-coming pick-up also blinks an opposite turn

As they begin their hard curve

I make my own swerve

WHAT!!!?Read the rest