Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Affect All of US

This post is a link-fest that provides critical research on why children act-out, are checked-out, or even drop-out of school. Keep in mind, that information about ACEs is not limited to children’s behavior and physiology, but also why parents, teachers, and other educators can be more prone to stress related illness, depression, alcoholism — and yes — even violence, sexual abuse, emotional cruelty, etc.… Read the rest

Cultural Continuity: A Interesting Concept…Hard to Execute

(The teacher I needed would have looked like this)

I have to give kudos to WestEd’s Center for Child and Family Studies as a forerunner in embracing  — against the social trend — the concept of “Cultural Continuity”.Their research supported the fact that Hispanic Caregivers provided better care for Hispanic infants/toddlers, African American Caregivers provided better care for African American infants/toddlers, and so forth.… Read the rest

Saving Graces, and The Crayfish Break Through

Thankfully there are people who provide disparity for children who are marginalized. Some teachers, who are “naturals”, notice, relate, and provide connections even while plowing ahead with the curriculum. Sometimes these school-saviors wear a custodial uniform, arrives on nursing rounds, man the main office, coach a team after school, or they may even be a community volunteer.… Read the rest

The First Day of School – The March Begins

It’s here…FINALLY! The fashion show of new outfits, the chatter on the playground, the hugging of friends reunited — all of these eternal rituals unfold as the clock ticks down to the first bell of the 2017-2018 school year. Students’ anxiety, which hit when the first back to school commercial began airing, subsides as the inevitable envelops them.… Read the rest